Table 5

OR for prescribing antibiotics by different variables and parents' assessment. Significant results (p<0.05) in bold

Complete case, n=294 (missing 26%)Multiple imputation
VariableOR95% CIOR95% CI
Temperature measured*1.140.78 to 1.661.110.78 to 1.57
Paediatrician (no=0, yes=1)0.730.33 to 1.610.830.43 to 1.62
Vomiting on last day (no=0, yes=1)0.260.11 to 0.600.260.13 to 0.53
Earache in the past 24 hours (no=0, yes=1)1.410.66 to 3.031.710.89 to 3.28
Findings on ear examination (no=0, yes=1)4.221.98 to 9.004.622.35 to 9.10
Signs on auscultation (no=0, yes=1)1.620.64 to 4.101.570.68 to 3.63
Paracetamol in the past 24 hours2.130.88 to 5.132.351.11 to 4.96
CRP value (mg/L)
 Not taken (reference)
 CRP<210.660.27 to 1.630.710.33 to 1.55
 CRP 21–403.391.22 to 9.433.571.43 to 8.83
 CRP 41–6013.323.39 to 52.3710.113.07 to 33.34
 CRP>6011.332.84 to 45.1210.192.84 to 36.49
Parents' assessment of seriousness
 Think it is not serious but want a check (reference)
 Not sure, maybe in need of treatment1.380.49 to 3.891.270.52 to 3.12
 Think antibiotics are needed1.630.56 to 4.751.410.55 to 3.62
 Think the child needs hospitalisation0.000.00 to to 0.00
Parents' assessment of sickness
 No opinion (reference)
 Viral infection0.730.28 to 1.930.890.38 to 2.10
 Bacterial infection1.780.79 to 4.012.451.17 to 5.13
  • Adjusted logistic regression with and without multiple imputation.

  • *Continuous variable.

  • CRP, C reactive protein.