TableĀ 2

Details of focus groups by region

RegionSpecialismSettingHCPs roleNumber of HCPs
MidlandsStrokeSecondary care3 stroke consultants/1 rehab lead4
SEStrokeCommunity5 specialist neurological physiotherapists/1 OT6
LondonDiabetesCommunity4 specialist diabetes nurse consultants4
SEDiabetesSecondary care3 consultants/5 diabetes specialist nurses8
East of EnglandVISecondary care1 consultant ophthalmologist/2 orthoptists/1 specialist optometrist/1 staff nurse ophthalmology/1 senior HCA/1 intravitreal coordinator7
  • HCA, health care assistant; HCPs, healthcare professionals; OT, occupational therapist; SE, South East; VI, vision impairment.