Table 2

Percentages of participants having metabolic syndrome components according to BMI and VFA

Normal weightHigher weight
(BMI 18.5–22.9 kg/m2)(BMI≥23.0 kg/m2)
Case, %
 Mets components
 High BP16.
 High FBG5.411.816.623.715.922.025.145.9
 Low HDL-C1.
 High TG3.89.719.333.317.631.932.946.8
Case, %
 Mets components
 High BP12.116.515.229.015.530.556.359.6
 High FBG3.
 Low HDL-C1.
 High TG0.
  • Quartiles for normal weight are q1–q4 (quartile points are 43.7, 56.6 and 71.6 in men, and 28.6, 39.1 and 50.5 in women, respectively), and for higher weight are Q1–Q4 (quartile points are 70.7, 88.3 and 109.3 in men, and 48.1, 67.0 and 86.4 in women, respectively).

  • Clustering is defined as having two or more risks of high BP, high FBG, low HDL-C and high TG.

  • BMI, Body Mass Index; BP, blood pressure; FBG, fasting blood glucose; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; Mets, metabolic syndrome; TG, triglycerides; VFA, visceral fat area.