Table 5

RR of diabetes according to joint categories of BMI and physical activity among women

Body mass index (kg/m2)
Physical activity summary score*14.5–24.925.0–29.9≥30.0p Value
 Number of cases205153
 Number of persons46491853540
 RR† (95% CI)1.00 (reference)4.32 (2.55 to 7.32)13 (7.42 to 21)
 Number of cases174964
 Number of persons29321555573
 RR† (95% CI)1.25 (0.65 to 2.37)4.32 (2.53 to 7.37)13 (7.71 to 22)
 Number of cases3379114
 Number of persons44892231953
 RR† (95% CI)1.80 (1.03 to 3.14)5.54 (3.36 to 9.13)15 (9.18 to 25)
  • *Summary score combining information on frequency, duration and intensity among those who were active ≥1 a week (sex-specific medians defining medium and high activity). No activity and activity <1 a week were grouped as low activity.

  • †Adjusted for age (continuous); education (≤9 years, 10–12 years, >12 years; unknown); alcohol frequency in the past 2 weeks (no, 1–4, ≥5, abstainer; unknown); smoking (never, former, current, unknown); BP medication use (yes, no, unknown); prevalent CVD (yes, no, unknown).

  • BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; C, cases; CVD, cardiovascular disease; NA, not applicable; PA, physical activity; Pers., persons; RR, risk ratio.