Table 2

Cost-effectiveness results; UK perspective

InterventionCosts (£)QALYsCosts of re-operations (£)Costs of PAD management (£)
All re-interventions PTA
 Biomimetic (BioMimics 3D) stents£10 7156.302£2893£524
 PTA with bail-out bare metal stents£11 3286.213£3454£1153
 Drug-eluting stents£11 3486.275£3047£713
 Drug-eluting balloons£11 4066.300£2920£540
 Bare metal stents£11 4986.242£3273£950
All re-interventions DEB
 Biomimetic (BioMimics 3D) stents£10 8386.330£3261£312
 PTA with bail-out bare metal stents£11 0196.286£3787£544
 Bare metal stents£11 3096.302£3612£457
 Drug-eluting stents£11 3256.318£3399£368
 Drug-eluting balloons£11 5156.329£3287£320
  • Values are lifetime averages per patient. Costs of PAD management exclude operation costs or costs relating to amputation.

  • DEB, drug-eluting balloon; PAD, peripheral arterial disease; PTA, percutaneous transluminal balloon angioplasty; QALYs, quality-adjusted life years.