Table 4

Proportion of new users of ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers who continue or discontinue treatment according to guideline recommended cut-off levels of serum creatinine and potassium at follow-up testing*

Total number, %42 942 (93.1)3178 (6.9)46 120 (100)
Serum creatinine increase ≥30%, n (%)462 (81.5)105 (18.5)567 (100)
Serum potassium >6 mmol/L, n (%)150 (78.5)41 (21.5)191 (100)
  • *Calculated from the most recent measurements within 1 month before and 2 months after drug initiation.

  • †A patient was considered a continuous user when the end date of the first continuous course of therapy was larger than the date of the first follow-up monitoring +30 days (to allow for stockpiling and irregular use).