Table 1

Neuropsychological testing

Test nameFormatPurposeCohort
Clinical assessment
 UPDRS part III (motor subscale)50Performed by study clinicianMeasure of Parkinsonism (motor aspects)All
 Physical examination of eye movementsPart of physical examination performed by study clinicianAssessment of range and speed of eye movementsAll
 Frontal assessment battery51Assessment tool completed by study clinicianAssessment of frontal lobe functionFTD, PSP
 PSP Rating Scale52Assessment tool completed by study clinicianAssessment of disease severityPSP
 Praxis batteryPart of physical examination performed by study clinicianAssessment of manual ideomotor and copying abilityAll
Neuropsychological assessment
 Addenbrooke's cognitive examination—revised53Researcher administered structured testMultidomain cognitive screening toolAll
 INECO frontal screening54Researcher administered structured testAssessment of frontal lobe functionAll
 Trails A and BResearcher administered structured testAssessment of executive functionAll
 Rey auditory verbal learning testResearcher administered test of learning, recall and repetition of semantically unrelated wordsTest of verbal episodic memoryAll except PSP
 Pyramids and palm treesResearcher administered, two alternative, forced choice, picture based testAssessment of semantic memoryAll
Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB)
 Simple reaction time55Researcher administered computer taskInformation processing speedAll
 Paired associate learning56Researcher administered computer taskAssessment of visual episodic memory and learningAll
 Stockings of Cambridge57Researcher administered, computer based spatial planning taskTest of frontal lobe functionAll
Mental health questionnaires
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression ScaleA 14 item self-reported questionnaireAssessment of symptoms of anxiety and depressionAll
 Geriatric Depression ScaleA 30 item self-reported questionnaireAssessment of depressive symptomsAll
 Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale58A 10 item self-reported questionnaireAssessment of severity of depressive symptomsControls, LLD
Informant questionnaires
 Cambridge Behavioural Inventory59An 81 item carer-reported questionnaireAssessment of several behavioural abnormalities in the everyday life including impulsivity and apathyAll except controls
 Clinical Dementia Rating Scale42A carer-reported numerical scaleQuantifying severity of dementiaAll except controls
 Bristol Activities of Daily Living ScoreA 20 item carer-reported questionnaireMeasure of ability of person with dementia to carry out activities of daily livingAll except controls
 Neuropsychiatric inventory60Researcher administered, carer-reported 13 item screening toolAssessment of psychopathology in people with brain disordersAll except controls
 Clinical Assessment of Fluctuating Confusion and Quality of Consciousness61Researcher administered, carer-reported 9 item screening toolAssessment of conscious level and degree of symptomatic arousal fluctuationAll except controls
  • FTD, frontotemporal dementia; INECO, Instituto de Neurologia Cognitiva; LLD, late life depression; PSP, progressive supranuclear palsy; UPDRS, Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale.