Table 1

Measurements of patient characteristics and outcomes

EnrolmentAllocationPre-OPIntra-OPPACU6 hours12 hours24 hours48 hoursDischarge2 weeks4 weeks
 Informed consentO
 Assessment of eligibilityO
 Embedded acupunctureO
 Body acupuncture
 PC6 wristband stimulation
 Standard antiemeticsOOOOOO
 Preoperative anxietyO
 Pain intensity NRSOOOOOO
 Postoperative nausea and vomitingOOOOOO
 Physiological recovery*OOOOOO
 Quality of lifeOO
 Patient satisfaction for management of PONVO
 Patient's global assessment of recovery after surgeryO
 Use of medicationOOOOOOOO
 Harms/adverse eventsOOOOOOOO
 Postoperative complicationsOOOOOOOO
 Length of hospital stayO
  • *Assessment of physiological recovery includes measuring time to first flatus, time to tolerate soft diet, time to first defaecation, time to independent walking, time to first removal of Foley catheter, the number of reinsertions of Foley catheter, the number of clean intermittent catheterisations and the number of insertions of nasogastric tube.

  • NRS, numerical rating scale; OP, operation; PACU, postanaesthesia care unit; PONV, postoperative nausea and vomiting.