Table 1

Completers only (n=195 participants)—pre/post analyses

ModelOutcome (Yt and/or Ct)GMC (n=117)Usual care (n=78)GMC vs usual care (95% CI)p Value
Post-only12 months (Y12)81.994.1−12.1 (−21.5 to −2.7)0.01
SACS12 monthsbaseline (C12)−12.9−2.8−10.1 (−20.2 to 0.0)0.05
ANCOVA12 months (Y12)82.393.5−11.2 (−19.2 to −3.3)0.006
LDABaseline (Y0)94.896.9
12 months (Y12)81.994.1−10.1 (−20.2 to 0.0)0.05
cLDABaseline (Y0)95.795.7
12 months (Y12)82.393.5−11.2 (−19.2 to −3.3)0.006
  • ANCOVA, analysis of covariance; cLDA, constrained longitudinal data analysis; GMC, Group Medical Clinics; LDA, longitudinal data analysis; SACS, simple change score analysis.