Table 4

Prevalence of proposed consequences of poor MHM (n=201)

Per centN
Skin irritation/rashes in pelvic area during last MP (n=153)*54.383
Itching or burning in the pelvic area (since start of the school year) (n=199)60.3120
White or green discharge (since start of the school year) (n=199)47.294
Do you worry people can smell your MP? (yes)70.2141
Does your MP ever cause you to: (n=185)*
 Miss school?18.434
 Not do your homework?7.614
School attendance at intervention follow-up (n=144) M (SD)81.06(18.58)
Do you avoid standing in class to answer questions on your MP? (n=198)64.7128
Do you find it difficult to concentrate at school when you have your MP? (n=198)51.0101
Reasons it is difficult to concentrate during MP (n=101)
 Actual soiling24.825
 Fear of soiling72.373
 Actual teasing4.04
 Fear of teasing21.822
Psychosocial well-being
 Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) total score M (SD)19.11(5.31)
 Did you experience embarrassment during your last MP? (n=153)*45.870
 During your MP do you feel ashamed?69.2139
 During your MP do you feel insecure?69.2139
  • *n is lower than 201 resulted in part from iPad issues where, in about 40 cases, the appropriate page froze or failed to load, additional missing resulted from girls not providing an answer to the question.

  • MHM, menstrual hygiene management; MP, menstrual period.