Table 1

Differences between those missing parity data and those with parity data

 Not missing parity (4025)Missing parity (659)Missing ASVAB (268)
FrequencyPer centFrequencyPer centFrequencyPer cent
 <5th grade57214.2649.7
 5–6th grade56214.08613.1
 7–8th grade65316.210716.2
 9–11th grade133833.223435.5
 12th+ grade90022.416825.5
 Non-Black, non-Hispanic199349.536054.614253.0
HS degree in 1985
Age in 1980 (years)
Average (mean age)18.016.719.3
Poverty status at age 14
 In poverty102125.412919.67661.6
Not in poverty402569.447371.816528.4
Parous in 1980
  • Note: percentages do not add to 100% in all cases.

  • ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery; RGL, Reading Grade Level.