Table 4

Summary statistics for the Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale (CDSES) summary scores by randomised group and analysis of covariance for the asthma cohort

Facts and figures (n=75)Patient experience (n=73)
nMean (SD){Min–max}nMean (SD){Min–max}
Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale
 Baseline CDSES scores*748.207 (1.530){2.33–10.0}738.231 (1.611){1.83–10.0}
 2-week CDSES scores†598.401 (1.501){4.00–10.0}628.238 (1.389){4.40–10.0}
 Change in mean CDSES scores580.093 (0.951){−3.00–2.33}62−0.068 (0.910){−1.33–3.67}
ANCOVAAdjusted mean diff‡95% CI
Patient experience120−0.1574−0.4661 to 0.1512
  • *One participant only completed two items, not included.

  • †Includes (n=117 participants who completed all 6 items and n=4 participants who completed 5 items).

  • ‡Adjusted for mean baseline CDSES scores.