Table 1

Search terms

Key termsIntermediate hyperglyc*emiaLifestyleNo associated terms used in searchesStudy design terms drawn from previous studies (see text for details)
Additional termsImpaired glucose tolerance, glucose tolerance impairment, impaired glucose sensitivity, glucose intolerance, intermediate glyc*emic control, impaired fasting glucose, glucose dysregulation, impaired fasting glyc*emia, pre*diabetes, pre*diabetic, pre*diabetes state, pre*diabetic state, latent diabetes, latent diabetic, borderline diabetes, borderline diabetic, borderline HbA1c, borderline hyperglyc*emia, borderline h*emoglobin A1c, borderline A1c, sub*diabetic hyperglyc*emia, non*diabetic hyperglyc*emia, diabetes preventionLife*style, non*pharmacological intervention, diet, diet therapy, nutrition, dietetics, dietician, nutritionist, nutrition* counsel*ing, dietary intake, healthy eating, physical activity, exercise, physical conditioning, sport, resistance training, aerobics, work*out, strength training, weight training, prevention, preventive health service, preventative health service, preventive intervention, preventative intervention, prevention programme, prevention programme, risk reduction, harm reduction, behavio*r modification, behavio*r change, behavio*r therapy, diabetes education, health education, health promotion, community*based intervention, community*based programme, community*based programme
  • Population and intervention identifiers from research questions (‘key terms’) and database-derived and thesaurus-derived alternatives (‘additional terms’).

  • *Wildcard character.