Table 1

Old and new recommendations used as constraints in the linear programming

Old recommendationsIndividual target or population averageSourceEatwell GuideIndividual target or population averageSource
 EnergyNo increase in kcalNo increase in kcal
 Carbohydrates≥50% of food energyPopulation average1≥50% of food energyPopulation average1
 Free sugars≤11% food energyPopulation average10≤5% food energyPopulation average1
 Fat≤35% food energyPopulation average10≤35% food energyPopulation average10
 Saturated fat≤11% food energyPopulation average10≤11% food energyPopulation average10
 Protein≥14.5 and ≤15.5% of energy≥14.5 and ≤15.5% of energy
 Salt≤2363 mg sodiumPopulation average11≤6 g/2363 mg sodiumPopulation average11
 Fibre≥23.5 g AOACPopulation average10≥30 g (AOAC)*Population average1
 Fruits and vegetables†≥5 portions a dayPopulation average49≥5 portions a dayPopulation average49
 Fish≥2 portions a week (2×20 g a day), one of which should be oilyIndividual target12≥2 portions a week (2×20 g a day), one of which should be oilyIndividual target12
 Red and processed meat≤70 g/dayIndividual target50≤70 g/dayIndividual target50
  • *Equivalent 18 g non-starch polysaccharide fibre.

  • †Includes a maximum of: 1 portion of juice (from fruit juice or that in a smoothie); 1 portion beans. Portion sizes: 30 g dried fruit; 150 mL fruit juice; smoothies assumed to contain 50% juice; 80 g all other fruits and vegetables.

  • NB. AOAC, Association of Official Analytical Chemists method for total dietary fibre analysis.