TableĀ 5

Twenty-seven examples of tests and treatments advertised for allergy, sensitivity or asthma on Canadian CAM clinic websites

Targeted condition indicated as follows: AL; AS; S
Chiropractic adjustment (AL, AS, S)Ionic foot bath detoxification (AL, S)Electro acupuncture according to Voll (AL)
Muscle response testing (AL, S)Intravenous hydrogen peroxide (AL, AS, S)Bowen therapy (AL, AS)
Acupuncture/acupressure (AL, AS, S)pH testing (AL, AS)Biofeedback analysis (AL, AS)
Neuromuscular sensitivity testing (S)Fish oil consumption (AL, S)Ozone therapy (AL, S)
Nutritional supplements (AL, AS, S)Electrodermal testing (AL, S)Homeopathic remedies (AL, AS, S)
Sublingual immunotherapy (AL, AS)Drinking broths regularly (AL)Regular detoxification (AL, S)
Subcutaneous immunotherapy (AL)Neural therapy (AL, AS)Probiotics (AL, AS)
Immunoglobulin G testing (AL, S)Vitamin and mineral injection (AL, AS)Adrenal extract (AL, AS)
Immunoglobulin E testing (AL)Bioresonance therapy (AL, AS)Intravenous vitamin C (AL)
  • AL,allergies; AS, asthma; CAM, complementary and alternative medicine; S, sensitivity.