Table 2

Efficacy of BFHI 10 Steps implementation as per patient responses

Parameter*N=104 (%)N=98 (%)Significance†
Did you see hospital's written BF policy?81 (77.9%)23 (23.5%)p<0.0001
Encouraged by clinical staff to BF?97 (93.3%)47 (48.0%)p<0.0001
Encouraged to BF within the first half hour after birth?49 (47.1%)10 (10.2%)p<0.0001
After delivery offered help/shown how to BF?68 (65.4%)13 (13.3%)p<0.0001
Baby given any food or drink other than breastmilk?52 (50.0%)92 (94.0%)p<0.0001
Rooming in: did you and your baby remain together 24 hours a day?52 (50.0%)18 (18.4%)p<0.0001
Were you told the importance of BF on demand?62 (59.6%)18 (18.4%)p<0.0001
Was baby cared for in hospital without using a pacifier?54 (51.9%)46 (46.9%)p=0.48
Did the hospital offer follow-up support for you after discharge?12 (11.5%)39 (39.8%)p<0.0001
  • One of the 10 Steps questions not provided here is regarding training provided to staff. This is covered in the section of administrator and maternity staff responses.

  • *Data indicates the number and percentages of women who gave an affirmative (YES) response to these questions.

  • †Fisher’s exact test (p<0.05 was considered as statistically significant).

  • BF, breast feeding; BFHI, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.