Table 5

Efficacy of BFHI implementation at each hospital as reflected by hospital administration questionnaire and maternity staff questionnaire

ParameterBFHI hospitalNon-BFHI Hospital
Administration questionnaire responses
BF policies current?100%0%
Records of BF substitutes?80%20%
Staff training?100%0%
BF support and education100%0%
Mechanism for evaluation policy?60%0%
Policy summary posted?80%0%
Policy prohibits substitutes?80%0%
Written BF policy in place?100%0%
BF policy in place?100%0%
Maternity staff questionnaire responses
Has a written BF policy?100%0%
Policy against BF substitutes?100%0%
Prohibits gifts/promo of formula100%10%
Policy summary posted for mothers?100%0%
Staff trained?80%0%
Mothers educated on breast feeding?100%40%
Immediate skin-to-skin after birth?100%40%
Mothers shown how/helped to BF?100%100%
No BF substitute unless medically necessary or choice100%0%
24 hours rooming-in100%80%
Infants with mothers during visiting hours70%0%
Encourage BF on demand?100%100%
No pacifiers100%0%
Hospital provides BF support postdischarge70%0%
  • BF, BFHI, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.