Table 3

Promotion of breast milk substitutes at each hospital

Receipt of encouragement or information about formula feeding in the prenatal phase
N=135 (%)N=135 (%)
Yes22 (16.3%)27 (20.0%)p=0.52
Breastmilk substitute promotions, availability and gift packs
Saw promotions of breastmilk substitutes at the hospital8 (5.8%)16 (11.5%)p=0.13
Availability of formula at hospital17 (12.5%)95 (70.2%)p<0.0001
Receipt of marketing samples/gift packs with substitutes by mothers 6 (4.8%)34 (25.0%)p<0.001
  • *Data indicates the number and percentages of women who gave an affirmative (YES) response to these statements.

  • †Fisher’s exact test (p<0.05 was considered as statistically significant).

  • BFHI, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.