Table 2

General practitioners' self-evaluation of their practice, skills, ability and confidence (N=894)

All GPs
p Value*
Likely/very likely to routinely ask about alcohol consumption over a usual month (missing n=24, 2.7%)87.485.487.80.395
Agree/strongly agree have sufficient skills to assess at-risk drinking (missing n=51, 5.7%)73.775.973.10.467
Agree/strongly agree able to tell if patients have alcohol issues (missing n=58, 6.5%)25.537.322.7<0.001
Confident/very confident in assessing and managing at-risk drinking (missing n=72, 8.0%)53.966.251.00.001
  • Missing data excluded from analyses.

  • 2 test.

  • Bold text represents significant p-Values.