Table 5

Mean (SD) total CIS-R scores among individuals meeting the CIS-R criteria for a diagnosis of depression or CMD according to whether or not they also met case definitions based on GP data

Met case definition
OutcomeCase definitionYesNoDifference in means (95% CI)
CMDCurrent diagnosis, treated26 (8.4)16 (7.0)−10 (−15 to −5); p<0.001
Current diagnosis, symptoms or treatment21 (8.1)15 (6.6)−5 (−8 to −3); p<0.001
DepressionCurrent diagnosis, treated28 (4.9)19 (6.4)−9 (−14 to −4); p=0.001
Current diagnosis, symptoms or treatment23 (6.7)19 (6.3)−4 (−7 to −2); p=0.002
  • CIS-R, revised Clinical Interview Schedule; CMD, common mental disorder; GP, general practitioner.