Table 1

Description of data sets used for analysis and types of information retrieved

Name of data setDescription of data setYears of dataInformation retrieved
Population RegistryA registry maintained by the provincial department of health of all Manitobans eligible to receive health services since 1970 (updated semiannually) and includes demographic information and six-digit residential postal code1970/1971 to June 2013Maternal and child demographics: region of residence
Canada Census Information: Socioeconomic Factor Index (SEFI-2)Social data based on the Statistics Canada Population Census. These data were used to derive a composite measure of area-level SES, comprising information on employment, education, lone-parent and income.83 Scores <0 indicate more favourable socioeconomic conditions, while scores >0 indicate less favourable socioeconomic conditions831996, 2001, 2006, 2013Maternal and child socioeconomic status
Employment and Income Assistance DataData from the Social Assistance Management Information Network that provide information on Manitoba residents who receive provincial employment and income assistance, a programme that provides financial assistance for meeting the basic needs of living1995/1996 to 2012/2013Maternal and child socioeconomic status
Education data: Enrolment, Marks and AssessmentsEducation data maintained by the provincial department of education that provides information on enrolment, marks, provincial standards tests, high school completion and special funding. Special education funding is provided to children with moderate to profound disabilities, with the category of disability (eg, autism) specified1995/1996 to 2012/2013Maternal and child high school completion, level of special education funding
Outcome data: childhood educational outcomes
Early Developmental Instrument Data setData from the Early Development Instrument, a questionnaire that is filled out by kindergarten teachers on their students' developmental health across five domains of development to measure population-level development in early childhood2006–2013Outcome data: childhood educational outcomes
Baby First/Families First Screening Programme dataData collected as part of a universal screening programme conducted by Healthy Child Manitoba. The screen is filled out by Public Health Nurses on all families with newborns in Manitoba and captures data on biological, social and demographic risk factors, including alcohol use during pregnancy2003–2013=Families First
2000–2002=Baby First
Maternal alcohol and drug use during pregnancy
Maternal education
Healthy Baby Prenatal Benefit and Healthy Baby Community Support ProgrammeData from the Healthy Baby programmes, which provide financial benefits to help women meet nutritional needs during pregnancy and connect women to programmes and resources in their area2001 to 2011/2012Maternal demographic and socioeconomic status
Maternal programme participation
Hospital AbstractsHealth data maintained by provincial department of health consisting of all hospitalizations in Manitoba, including up to 16 ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes for discharges before 1 April 2004 and up to 25 ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes for discharges on or after April 1, 20041984 to 2012/2013Outcome data: maternal and child physical and mental health diagnoses
Antenatal hospitalisations
Medical/Physician reimbursement claimsHealth data maintained by provincial department of health consisting of all ambulatory physician visits in Manitoba and include a single ICD-9 diagnostic code associated with each visit, coded to the third digit1984 to 2012/2013Exposure data: maternal mood/anxiety disorders
Exposure data: maternal physical and mental health diagnoses and physician visits
Maternal prenatal care
Childhood outcome data: diagnoses in the neonatal period
Childhood outcome data: Medical diagnosis in childhood
Prescription claims data: Drug Programme Information NetworkData maintained by provincial department of health containing all prescription drug claims from the Drug Programme Information Network (DPIN, an electronic, online, point-of-sale prescription drug database that connects department of health and all pharmacies in Manitoba). Contains information on all prescription drugs dispensed in Manitoba1995/1996 to 2012/13Exposure data: maternal mood/anxiety disorders
Exposure data: maternal antidepressants
Exposure data: maternal prescription drugs
Childhood outcome data: physical and mental health diagnoses
Vital Statistics dataA longitudinal population-based registry maintained by Manitoba's Vital Statistics Agency that includes all Manitobans who have died since January 1970 to present and the cause1970 to 2012/2013Maternal and child cause of death or suicide completion
Child and Family Services Information System (CFSIS)A data management system that supports case tracking and reporting of services provided to children and families as they pass through the Manitoba child welfare system. This database includes information on children in care as well as information of families receiving protective and support services1992/1993 to 2012/2013Demographic information: maternal or child involvement with child and family services