Table 2

Diagnostic categories, primary diagnoses and case descriptions

CategorynPer centPrimary diagnosisnPer centCase descriptions
No diagnosis190.5No medical diagnosis190.5Social problem, attention seeker
Respiratory138835.5Upper respiratory tract infection119930.7Ear, nose, throat, sinus, larynx infections, influenza (upper ARI)
Lower respiratory tract infection1203.1Dyspnoea, and raised respiratory rate, signs of lower ARI
Asthma exacerbation691.8Wheezing and/or respiratory oppression
Eye and Adnexa671.7Eye disorder651.7Eye infection and irritation
Vision problem20.1Diminished or troubled vision, blindness
Dental3729.5Dental abscess561.4Clinical suspicion of dental abscess
Dental caries3168.1Caries with or without pain
Digestive3037.8Watery diarrhoea/abdominal2817.2Loose stools, vomiting, abdominal pain, intestinal parasitosis
Bloody diarrhoea50.1Loose stools with visible blood (suspicion of dysentery)
Malnutrition150.4Clinical, weight/height >70% or MUAC <110/160 (child/adult)
Cholera00.0Severe dehydrating diarrhoea/confirmed case in a non-endemic area
Jaundice20.1Acute onset of icterus (skin, conjunctivae, urine)
Neurological1423.6Suspected meningitis10.0Fever and clinical signs of meningeal irritation
Flaccid paralysis00.0Paralysis in children of ≥1 limb, incl. Guillain-Barré or any polio suspicion
CVA, headache, convulsions1413.6Headache, convulsions, stroke, coma
Genitourinary972.5Sexual transmittable disease190.5Suspected STD, vaginal infections with fluor, genital infection
Urinary tract infection591.5Dysuria, alguria, pollakisuria, with/without fever, flank pain, or + dipstick
Gynaecological disorder190.5Irregular menses, breast problems, vaginal bleeding, abortion
Peripartum280.7Neonatal illness10.0Newborns with problems
Neonatal tetanus00.0Neonate not sucking/crying normally, rigidity, convulsions
Healthy newborn baby40.1Healthy baby <3 weeks old
Delivery20.1Mother: imminent delivery or postpartum (<3 weeks)
(presumed) pregnant210.5Suspected or confirmed pregnancy
Skin3358.6Skin infection2947.5Redness, pain, abcedation with signs of local infection
Skin affection411.0Redness, xerosis, urticaria, psoriasis without infection
General1543.9Surgical cases other than trauma240.6Herniations, swollen testicles, cysts, haemorrhoids,…
Fever of unknown origin90.2>37.,5°C axillary or > 38.0°C rectal, without specific diagnosis
Malaria00.0Confirmed or suspected malaria, simple or serious
Measles00.0Fever and clinical suspicion of measles (vaccinated or not)
Clinical anaemia30.1History, pallor, weakness
Diabetes701.8Diabetes as main problem, or crisis/ketoacidosis
Other350.9All that is not classified elsewhere
Intoxication80.2Suspected or confirmed substance abusus
Neoplasm50.1Suspected or confirmed oncological disease
Mental761.9Mental disorder761.9PTSD, insomnia, stress, suspicious aspecific symptoms
Violence350.9Trauma from aggression340.9Trauma due to intentional individual injury including rape
CBRN10.0Injury from chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear assaults
Injury45411.6Accidental trauma2135.5Accidental trauma from incident, accident (non-violent trauma)
Acute wounds2416.2Non-intentional acute skin wounds, burns
Musculoskeletal2396.1Musculoskeletal disorder2396.1Non-traumatic pain (muscles, back, pelvic belt, joints), rheumatic
Circulatory711.8Hypertension/cardiac disorder711.8Symptomatic hypertension, palpitations, angina pectoris
Fatality10.0Resuscitation10.0Any condition requiring resuscitation of vital functions
Death00.0Deceased patients
Follow-up cases1263.2Follow-up wound dressings571.5Follow-up of wound dressings and injections/vaccinations
Follow-up fractures and casts180.4Follow-up old fractures and casts cases
Follow-up other511.3Follow-up of chronic illness, other cases
SubanalysisInfectious cases190048.6All cases with features of infection
  • +, positive; ARI, acute respiratory infection; CBRN, chemical-burns-radiological-nuclear incidents; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; Incl, including; MUAC, middle upper arm circumference; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; STD, sexually transmitted disease.