Table 1

Eligibility criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
1. Adult patients age ≥651. Started haemodialysis with a fistula or have a patent fistula already in place
2. Started haemodialysis using a tunnelled, or non-tunnelled catheter for vascular access2. More than one unsuccessful fistula attempt prior to starting dialysis
3. Treated with dialysis for 120 days or less at the time of consent (134 days or less at the time of randomisation)3. Has had a prior arteriovenous graft creation
4. Clinically stable as assessed by the treating nephrologist (able to provide consent within 120 days of haemodialysis start)4. Imminent transplant planned (within 6 months, must be booked)
5. Haemodialysis is the intended long-term modality of treatment5. Metastatic malignancies or other condition associated with a life expectancy of <6 months, in the opinion of the attending nephrologist
6. End-stage (permanent) kidney failure unlikely to recover kidney function according to the attending nephrologist
7. Eligible for a fistula attempt as determined by the local multidisciplinary access team
8. Planning to remain in the current dialysis centre for at least 6 months