Table 2

Expected procedure-related events

Fistula strategy
Allergic reaction (to local anaesthetic)Ischaemia (to nerves or distal extremity) or steal
Allergic reaction (to general anaesthetic)Syndrome requiring intervention
Bleeding from access site requiring interventionHeart failure (high output congestive)
Wound infection in the fistulaNerve injury
Infection in the bloodstreamPulmonary embolism
Excessive collateral formation on upper arm and chest likely from central vein stenosisExcessive arm swelling likely from central venous stenosis
Aneurysm requiring intervention
Catheter strategy
Allergic reaction (to local anaesthetic)Catheter malposition
Allergic reaction (to general anaesthetic)Catheter migration
Bleeding from access site requiring interventionCatheter embolisation
Fibrin sheath formation/use of rTPAThoracic duct injury
Infection (exit site)Nerve injury
Infection (tunnel)Air embolism
Infection (bloodstream)Venous thrombosis
Arterial puncturePulmonary embolism
Myocardial perforationPneumothorax