Table 3

120 min glucose (as part of an oral glucose tolerance test) according to exposure category and stratified by body weight category

 120 min glucose (mmol/L)
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Postnatal exposedIn utero exposedUnexposedStatistical testsOlder
Underweight4.8 (n=26)5.8 (n=31)4.8 (n=21)ANOVA p<0.024.9 (n=34)
Normal weight5.3 (n=34)5.6 (n=26)5.9 (n=39)ns6.4 (n=56)
Overweight5.5 (n=21)5.9 (n=9)5.8 (n=10)ns7.9 (n=22)
  • Sample size per subcategory is noted (n=). Statistical testing performed on groups A, B and C only. Group D is shown for comparison only.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; ns, non-significant.