TableĀ 1

Characteristics of included meta-analyses

First Author, year of publicationJournal (2014 impact factor)Focus of meta-analysisAMSTAR scoresJournal word limit
Pocklington, 201634Int J Geriatr Psychiatry (2.9)Brief versions of the GDS in older patients8 (57%)250
Bosanquet, 201531BMJ Open (2.3)Whooley questions in any setting9 (64%)300
Moriarty, 201533Gen Hosp Psychiatry (2.6)PHQ-9 in any setting9 (64%)200
Stockings, 201535J Affect Disord (3.4)Screening tools in children and adolescents4 (29%)250
Manea, 201532Gen Hosp Psychiatry (2.6)PHQ-9 with algorithm scoring method in any setting8 (57%)200
Meader, 201429J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry (6.8)Screening tools in poststroke patients6 (43%)250
Tsai, 201425JAIDS (4.6)Screening tools in HIV-positive adults in Africa5 (36%)250
Tsai, 201326PLOS One (3.2)Screening tools in pregnancy or postpartum in Africa6 (43%)300
Mitchell, 201230J Affect Disord (3.4)Screening tools in patients with cancer4 (29%)250
Manea, 201218CMAJ (6.0)PHQ-9 in any setting10 (71%)250
Meader, 201117Br J Gen Pract (2.3)Screening tools in patients with chronic health problems5 (36%)250
Vodermaier, 201127Support Care Cancer (2.4)HADS in cancer patients6 (43%)250
Brennan, 201016J Psychosom Res (2.7)HADS in any setting5 (36%)250
Mitchell, 2010a22Am J Geriatr Psychiatry (4.2)GDS in older patients3 (21%)250
Mitchell, 2010b24J Affect Disord (3.4)HADS in cancer and palliative settings3 (21%)250
Mitchell, 2010c21J Affect Disord (3.4)GDS in older primary care patients3 (21%)250
Hewitt, 200928Health Technol Assess (5.0)Screening tools in women in pregnancy or postpartum8 (57%)500
Mitchell, 200820Br J Cancer (4.8)Short screening tools in cancer and palliative care5 (36%)200
Gilbody, 200715J Gen Intern Med (3.4)PHQ in medical settings6 (43%)300
Mitchell, 200723Br J Gen Pract (2.3)Ultra-short screening tools in primary care4 (29%)250
Wittkampf, 200719Gen Hosp Psychiatry (2.6)PHQ in any setting6 (43%)200
  • AMSTAR, A Measurement Tool to Assess Systematic Reviews; GDS, Geriatric Depression Scale; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; PHQ, Patient Health Questionnaire.