Table 1

The study outcome measures and measurement instruments

Outcome measuredInstrument/toolIndicator
 Infant's weightInfant Seca electronic digital scaleCurrent nutritional status
 Infant's length‘Infantometer’Long-term nutritional status
 Infant's head circumferenceNon-stretchable measuring tapeDetect abnormalities of head and brain growth
 Infant's mid-upper arm circumferenceNon-stretchable measuring tapeIndicator for protein–energy malnutrition
 Infant's skinfold thicknessSkin callipersEstimating body fat
Diet intake
 Macronutrient and micronutrient intake24-hour diet recall (2 weekdays, 1 weekend)Current diet intake
 Feeding practicesInfant Feeding Practice QuestionnaireFeeding practices, food preferences
Sociodemographic/ecology determinants
 Family dynamics, household income, ethnicityQuestionnaireInfluence on feeding practices