Table 3

Example of baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of participants in a study evaluating the accuracy of point-of-care fecal tests for diagnosis of organic bowel disease (adapted from Kok et al,87 with permission)

Patient characteristicsn (%)
Geographic region of residency in the Netherlands
 Central (Gelderse Vallei)257 (66.6)
 South (Oostelijke Mijnstreek)129 (33.4)
Median age, years (range)60 (18–91)
Women211 (54.7)
Presenting symptoms
 Rectal blood loss141 (37.7)
 Abdominal pain267 (70.6)
 Median duration of abdominal pain (range)150 days (1 day to 30 years)
 Persistent diarrhoea40 (16.9)
 Diarrhoea131 (37.2)
 Fever40 (11.0)
 Weight loss62 (17.1)
 Bloating195 (53.6)
 Constipation169 (46.6)
Physical examination
 Pain at palpation117 (46.8)
 Palpable abdominal mass12 (3.0)
 Palpable rectal mass1 (0.3)