TableĀ 1

Key STARD terminology

Medical testAny method for collecting additional information about the current or future health status of a patient
Index testThe test under evaluation
Target conditionThe disease or condition that the index test is expected to detect
Clinical reference standardThe best available method for establishing the presence or absence of the target condition. A gold standard would be an error-free reference standard
SensitivityProportion of those with the target condition who test positive with the index test
SpecificityProportion of those without the target condition who test negative with the index test
Intended use of the testWhether the index test is used for diagnosis, screening, staging, monitoring, surveillance, prediction, prognosis or other reasons
Role of the testThe position of the index test relative to other tests for the same condition (eg, triage, replacement, add-on, new test)
Indeterminate resultsResults that are neither positive or negative