Table 2

Workload management method (fictitious example)

Ward XYZJune 4June 5June 6
Care time for direct patient care (hours)463946
Time for indirect patient care and additional tasks (hours)484048
Outcome C: total required care time (hours)947994
Nurse qualificationsProficiencyAllocated care time (hours)Allocated care time (hours)Allocated care time (hours)
Registered nurse ≥1 year experience100%1089
Registered nurse <1 year experience85%011
Student nurse senior70%202
Student nurse junior45%100
Outcome 3: total allocated care time (hours)957190
Outcome D: expected per cent overstaffing or understaffing (workload indication)1%−11%−4%
Outcome 4: average perceived workload (scale of 1 to 5)3,14,23,2
  • For full explanation of C, D, 3 and 4, see main text.