Table 4

Model of protective factors for social–emotional development (BITSEA) among children with mothers with high maternal mental health risk (n=289)

FactorOR95% CIp Value
Happiness in their relationship at 1 year postpartum
 More happiness2.341.10 to 5.000.028
 Less happinessref..
Mother's perceived ability to fulfil family, work or other responsibilities when child was 2 years old
 It is never or sometimes difficult2.071.02 to 4.200.044
 It is difficult most of the time/it is always difficultref..
Screen time per day (television, movies/DVDs, computer/tablet)
 >1 hour2.231.09 to 4.530.027
 1 hour or moreref..
  • BITSEA, the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment.