Table 5

Model of protective factors for behavioural development (BITSEA) among children with mothers with high maternal mental health risk (n=301)

FactorOR95% CIp Value
Optimism during pregnancy (LOT-R)
 Higher (LOT-R>13)2.181.20 to 3.980.010
 Lower (LOT-R≤13)ref..
Mother's perceived ability to fulfil family, work or other responsibilities when child was 2 years old
 It is never or sometimes difficult2.031.10 to 3.750.023
 It is difficult most of the time/it is always difficultRef..
Time it takes child to fall asleep at night (in general)
 30 min or less2.171.10 to 4.270.026
 More than 30 minRef..
When child started sleeping through the night
 Before 2 years2.831.32 to 6.070.008
 Is not sleeping through the night yetRef..
  • LOT-R, the Life-Orientation Test-Revised; BITSEA, the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment.