Table 2

Child development outcomes at age 2

Child characteristicsNN (%)
Communication development (ASQ)1403
 Not delayed1205 (85.89)
 Delayed198 (14.11)
Gross motor development (ASQ)1408
 Not delayed1217 (86.43)
 Delayed191 (13.57)
Fine motor development (ASQ)1400
 Not delayed1238 (88.43)
 Delayed162 (11.57)
Problem-solving development (ASQ)1401
 Not delayed1203 (85.87)
 Delayed198 (14.13)
Personal social development (ASQ)1407
 Not delayed1183 (84.08)
 Delayed224 (15.92)
Overall child development (ASQ)1383
 0–1 delayed domains1139 (82.36)
 2–5 delayed domains244 (17.64)
Social–emotional abilities (eg, empathy, prosocial behaviours and compliance; BITSEA)1579
 No problems1369 (86.70)
 Possible deficit/delay range210 (13.30)
Behavioural problems (eg, aggression, defiance, overactivity, negative emotionality, anxiety and withdrawal; BITSEA)1580
 No problems1344 (85.06)
 Possible problems236 (14.94)
  • ASQ, the Ages and Stages Questionnaire; BITSEA, the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment.