TableĀ 2

Overview of sections of interview topic guide relevant to this current report and interviewer

Following a brief introduction and the participant being asked about their background and role, they were asked about their views of and experiences of managing seizures. The main themes relevant to this current report with examples of prompts are given below:
ThemeExample questions
Perceptions of challenges faced when managing seizure
  • What are the main challenges you perceive ambulance crews face in managing seizures?

  • What factors influence care-decisions? Why?

  • What sort of confidence do you/paramedics have in managing seizures? What accounts for this?

Discharge options for persons who did not need ED
  • What options are available when a person does not need to be conveyed to ED?

  • What are your experiences and views of using and accessing these?

Potential strengths/weakness in relation to support offered to crews
  • In what way are paramedics supported in their clinical decision-making by their organisation (eg, on-scene/after-scene support/protocols/guidance)? What are your experiences/views of these?

  • ED, emergency department.