Table 1

Change in consultation rate before and after the launch of the website in March 2012 for all consultations, the top 10 topics of the website and the reference group

Type of consultationsConstant*Preintervention slopePostintervention slopeSlope changep Value
All consultations272.1090.826−0.794−1.620<0.001
Top 10 topics28.4080.092−0.077−0.1690.003
 Vaginal discharge1.6650.013−0.016−0.029<0.001
 Irritable bowel syndrome1.0190.009−0.003−0.011<0.001
 Herpes zoster0.5040.002−0.001−0.003<0.001
 Bladder infection in women13.6640.090−0.011−0.1010.009
 Lower back pain6.2000.012−0.013−0.0250.03
 Shoulder symptoms4.3340.000−0.004−0.0050.46
Reference group4.611−0.005−0.006−0.0010.96
 Head trauma†0.3890.0010.0010.0000.94
 Premenstrual syndrome‡0.0290.0000.0000.0000.92
 Contact eczema‡4.195−0.006−0.007−0.0010.96
  • Values are presented as consultations/1000 patients/month.

  • *Consultation rate at t=0.

  • †Consultations for topics about which no online information was provided during the study period.

  • ‡Consultations for topics that were very unpopular on the website during the study period.