Table 3

Characteristics of the different regional ambulance services operating within England

ServicePopulation covered*Square miles covered*Number of qualified ambulance staff (FTE)†,‡Calls to which an emergency response was dispatched§,¶Proportion seen, but not conveyed to ED§,**Recruitment site?
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust8.6 million62025971 047 35734.4
North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust7 million14 0002852878 35230.9
East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust6 million75001688697 90141.6
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust5.6 million50002201838 06937.3
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust5 million60001540521 33131.1
East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust4.8 million64251484542 32533.6
South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust4.6 million36001592656 33845.3
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust4 million35541041445 79842.0
North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust2.7 million3200642297 82632.5
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust2.5 million50001875599 18952.4
Isle of Wight NHS Trust140 0001476019 68351.8
  • *Information from the following sources: refs. 29–41

  • Information from ref. 42.

  • Qualified ambulance staff here includes paramedics, technicians, advanced practitioners and ambulance service managers but does not include ambulance trainees.

  • §Taken from ref. 43.

  • ¶Face-to-face responses as a result of 111 calls.

  • **Treatment at the scene or onward referral to an alternative care pathway and those with a patient journey to a destination other than ED.