Table 2

Differences in hospital costs between laparoscopic and open resections in patients with colon cancer undergoing elective surgery, 2006–2012

Unadjusted outcomes
Cost of initial admission£11 727£9215£2512
Including 30-day readmission£12 311£9604£2707
Including 90-day readmission£12 581£9761£2820
Length of stay11.9 days8.5 days3.4 days
Adjusted outcomes
OpenLaparoscopyDifference95% CIp Value
Cost of initial admission£11 145£9214£1933£1744 to £2122<0.01
Including 30-day readmission£11 710£9603£2107£1896 to £2315<0.01
Including 90-day readmission£11 964£9762£2202£1982 to £2420<0.01
Length of stay11.0 days8.5 days2.5 days2.3–2.7 days<0.01