Table 1

Characteristics by tenure status

Owner occupier (n=1104)Social renter (n=115)
Sample characteristics
Sex (%)
 Mean (minimum–maximum)51.4 (17–91)52.0 (20–90)
Social class (%)
 I/II Professional, managerial and technical50.120.0
 III Skilled non-manual25.024.3
 III Skilled manual12.819.1
 IV/V Partly skilled and unskilled12.136.5
Marital status (%)
 Living with significant other72.040.9
 Not living with significant other28.059.1
Material assets
Car ownership (%)
Health measures
Limiting longstanding illness (%)
 Has limiting longstanding illness44.678.6
 No limiting longstanding illness55.421.4
General health (%)
*HADS anxiety
 Mean (minimum–maximum)6.1 (0–21)8.3 (0–18)
*HADS depression
 Mean (minimum–maximum)3.4 (0–21)5.8 (0–21)
  • *Clinical case >10