Table 1

Data collected from art practitioners, staff/professionals

Art practitionersStaff/professionals
Demographic data, including professional age measures how long the artist has been practising with people with dementia. Number of journals an artist receives or subscribes to as a measure of media exposure; number of conferences attended in the last year as a measure of network exposure; artists with an honorary position in their hospital/local authority; artistic orientation, coded as ‘1’ if the artist agrees with the statement that it is more important for an artist to ‘keep herself/himself informed of new artistic interventions than to devote time to practising art’ and ‘0’ otherwise.Demographic data, including attitudes, beliefs and knowledge about people with dementia (Approaches to Dementia Questionnaire)38
  • Discussion and collaboration network data (adapted from Coleman et al,39 and Kahn and Antonucci,40 to be developed by researcher).

  • The perceived benefits of the intervention.

  • Self-reported leadership (adapted from Childers,41 to be developed by researcher).