Table 2

Exploratory factor analysis on the indicators of paternal involvement

Rotated loadings*
IndicatorFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Helped with shopping since birth0.4891
Helped with cleaning home since birth0.7112
Helped with meal preparation since birth0.7013
Helped with washing up since birth0.6077
Helped with housework since birth0.7573
Helped with cooking meals since birth0.6882
Helped with clothes wash since birth0.5878
How frequently partner changes nappy per week?0.5178
How frequently partner bathes child per week?0.4293
How frequently partner plays with child per week?0.43240.4107
How frequently partner walks child outside per week?0.4284
How frequently partner puts child to bed per week?0.4225
How frequently partner feeds/helps at night per week?0.4294
Mum excludes partner from childcare0.7346
Feel confident with child0.3857−0.3201
Feel mum does not trust partner with child0.6817
Happy with the way mum brings up child0.3652−0.4507
Happy with the way partner brings up child0.5094−0.4468
Making a strong bond with child0.6147
My stress is a bad influence on child−0.37280.4486
Home is woman's place, no part for me−0.36430.3871
Partner always getting under mum's feet0.4928
Mum dislikes partner being involved with child0.7315
Partner guilty for not enjoying child−0.54800.4373
Partner regrets having child−0.6553
Partner regrets lack of experience of children0.3160
This child has made partner more fulfilled0.6465
Parenthood has made partner and mum closer0.5038
Mum no longer gives partner attention0.5413
Feel hurt by attention mum gives child0.5760
Partner well prepared for birth and childcare−0.3166
Partner enjoys getting home to see mum and child0.6307
Enjoy the baby0.8294
Preferred not to have had baby−0.5550
Feel confident with baby0.5776
Dislike mess surrounding baby−0.3707
Pleasure watching baby develop0.8240
Find baby crying unbearable−0.3836
Constantly unsure whether doing right thing0.3160
Feel should enjoy baby but am not−0.6869
No time to self−0.4583
Baby made feel more fulfilled0.7315
Feel babies are fun0.8185
Talking to baby is important0.4211
Cuddling baby is very important0.4612
  • *Displaying only loadings >0.3.