Table 1

Data items for the systematic review of trials on the effectiveness of alternative listening devices to conventional hearing aids

General informationStudy ID
Study title
Reference citation
Corresponding author and contact details
Date of publication
Study eligibilityPeer reviewed
English as first language
Type of study
 Randomised controlled trial
 Non-randomised controlled trial
 Before and after studies
 Age range
 Hearing loss
 Health-related comorbidity
Type of intervention (all arms)
Types of comparison
Types of outcome
Primary outcome domainsSpeech intelligibility
Hearing-specific health-related quality of life
Adverse effects (pain)
Secondary outcome domainsHealth-related quality of life
Listening ability
Adverse effect (noise-induced hearing loss)
Results and statistical tests
Risk of bias assessment (see Risk of bias in individual studies section)
Other information (this optional field will be used to record further comments that may be deemed informative)