Table 2

Illustrative examples of reviews with sentiment and codes assigned

Sentiment of reviewExamples of review textCodes assigned
Positive“Lovely cafe, staff have always been welcoming and have often brought drinks to our table when feeding. One member even offered to cut my food up when I was with my new-born. Lovely changing facility too.”Welcoming, staff, hospitality, changing, anecdote
“Excellent facilities. Discreet corners in cafe and a designated feeding room that is separate from changing room. Always felt comfortable feeding in cafe. Staff very helpful, carried tray to table. Also free Wi-Fi to keep you entertained during those lengthy feeds :-)”Facilities, designated area, privacy, changing, comfortable, revisit, staff, hospitality, Wi-Fi,
Negative“Feeding area is disgusting and unsanitary. As well as being in an awkward place. Will not be using it again. Was absolutely appalled.”Cleanliness, designated area
“Appalling! Was told that I was no longer allowed to breastfeed my daughter (sibling of son who attended nursery) unless I covered up or fed in a different room away from children.”Stigma, exclusion
Neutral“Bosom Buddies Thursday 9.30–11.30″Classes
“Room at the back for feeding and changing.”Designated area, way finding, changing