Table 4

Performance metrics with all patients treated as group B

Preintervention, all B durationPostintervention, all B duration
WAIT (min)11.4212.01
DELAY (min)5.954.01
FT-ARR (min)57.0157.45
FT-APPT (min)40.3936.75
Proportion delayed43.5933.92
MAKESPAN (min)231.89224.70
Comp by 12:00 (%)10.6010.78
Prob OT (%)30.6317.38
Exp OT (min)1.310.43
Ave POT (min)4.282.47
  • Ave POT, average overtime when it is strictly positive; Comp by 12:00, percentage of 10 000 sessions in which last patient leaves system before 12:00; DELAY, average gap between appointment time and entrance to examination room; Exp OT, average overtime used across all sessions; FT-APPT, gap between appointment time and exit from system; FT-ARR, gap between patient arrival and exit from system; MAKESPAN, the time span from the start of the clinic session to the completion of the last patient on the schedule; Prob OT, proportion of sessions in which MAKESPAN exceeded 240 min; Proportion delayed, proportion of patients whose start of service exceeds appointment time; WAIT, average gap between patient arrival and entrance to examination room.