Table 2

Association of academic performance across HS grades with leptin status at 16–17 years (n=568)

Hyperleptinaemia (n=83)Normal leptin levels (n=485)Mean score difference
HS grade levelMean scoreMean score(95% CI)tp Value
9th437.6476.2−38.6−63.6 to −13.6−3.040.002
10th446.7478.1−31.4−157.5 to −5.32−2.360.018
11th456.3484.4−28.1−54.6 to −1.52−2.080.038
12th470.3500.1−29.8−57.2 to −2.48−2.140.033
Final GPA454.9488.7−33.8−56.9 to −10.7−2.880.004
  • Grades (9th to 12th) and final GPA expressed as scores, according to the Chilean Ministry of Education.

  • Hyperleptinaemia defined according to the cut-offs published by Köster-Weber et al.

  • Adjustments were made for weight status and insulin sensitivity at 16–17 years.

  • GPA, grade point average; HS, high school.