Table 1

Processing times pooled and by group for each clinic

Clinic 1Clinic 2Clinic 3
PROCESS (min)34.6557.9835.22
n/SE—PROCESS105/2.30264/1.4222 266/0.44
A time (min)38.3165.5947.15
n/SE A time71/3.21116/2.2410 352/0.81
Prop A (%)67.6243.9446.49
A time (%)110.56113.13133.87
B time (min)26.2353.5317.59
n/SE B time26/2.23101/1.979058/0.16
Prop B (%)24.7638.2640.68
B time (%)75.7092.3254.04
C time (min)29.5050.9147.90
n/SE C time8/3.4747/3.112855/1.59
Prop C (%)7.6217.812.82
C time (%)85.1487.81136.00
  • A time, average processing time for patients in group A; A time (%), ratio of average processing time for group A compared with the global average written as a percentage; n/SE—PROCESS, number of observations and SE of processing time; n/SE A time, SE of A time; PROCESS, average value of exit time minus time the patient enters the examination room; Prop A, percentage of population in group A.