Table 3

Regression coefficients of the association between serum leptin levels at 16–17 years and academic performance in HS

InterceptCoefficientRobust SER2
9th grade
 Model 1491.2***−0.560.320.04
 Model 2501.9***−0.62*0.300.09
10th grade
 Model 1495.6***−0.760.430.02
 Model 2508.3***−0.82*0.370.14
11th grade
 Model 1511.7***−0.470.350.04
 Model 2522.0***−0.570.340.10
12th grade
 Model 1527.9***−0.87*0.370.04
 Model 2540.5***−0.98***0.370.13
 Model 1511.2***−0.71*0.310.04
 Model 2521.3***−0.80***0.300.16
  • SE are robust to heteroscedasticity.

  • Model 1: adjusted for sex, fat mass and parental education. Model 2: also included IR, quality of diet, PA status, type of secondary education and iron supplementation in infancy.

  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.

  • GPA, grade point average; HS, high school; PA, physical activity.