Table 1

The number of referrals received across the categories of community pharmaciesa–d and the subsequent outcomes of those referrals

Type of pharmacy
Outcome of referralsIndependent n (%)Multiples n (%)Supermarket n (%)small chain n (%)Total n (%)P value
Accepted39 (7.7)a,c*70 (6.6)b,c*26 (20.3)c,d*33 (9.6)168 (8.3)0.009
Remain referred108 (21.6)a,b*; a,d*both168 (15.8)b,d*18 (14.1)c,d*4 (1.1)298 (14.7)<0.001
Completed128 (25.5)a,b*; a,c*396 (37.5)b,c; b,d all*20 (15.6)75 (21.9)619 (30.5)<0.001
Rejected226 (45.1)a,d*423 (40.0)b,c; b,d both*64 (50.0)c,d*231 (67.3)944 (46.5)<0.001
Total501 (24.7)1057 (52.1)128 (6.3)343 (16.9)2029 (100.0)<0.001
  • *Denotes statistically significant difference at p<0.05 between pharmacy types.