Table 3

Drugs to be evaluated in the current study

Box A: drugs to treat (complications of) liver cirrhosis19-24Box B: most frequently used drugs in the general population*
Metabolic syndromeAnalgesics
 Insulins Paracetamol
 Oral antidiabetics Dyslipidemia NSAIDs Opioids
(anti) Hepatitis B/C Tetracyclines
 Nucleos(t)ide analogues  Interferon  Direct-acting antivirals Sulfonamides and trimethoprim  Macrolides Other antibiotics
PBC/AIHGastro-intestinal drugs  Antacids
 Corticosteroids H2-receptor antagonists
 Ursodeoxycholic acid Propulsives
 Azathioprine Stimulant laxatives
 Mycophenolate mofetil Bulk-forming laxatives
InfectionsCardiovascular drugs
 Chinolons Antithrombotics
 Penicillins Calcium antagonists
Esophageal varices RAS-inhibitors
 Proton pump inhibitors
Portal hypertension
 Beta blocking agents
Hepatorenal syndrome
Hepatic encephalopathy
  • *Based on number of users of prescribed drugs in the Netherlands according to the GIP-database 2013 (

  • PBC, primary biliary cholangitis; AIH, autoimmune hepatitis