Table 3

Mothers' feelings about the baby at the time of the survey

Gestation at birth
<32 weeks32–36 weeks37 or more weeksTotal
NumberPer centNumberPer centNumberPer centNumberPer cent
When mother first felt that baby belonged**
 During pregnancy1538.511047.0221754.4234253.9
 Immediately after birth00.04519.288721.893221.4
 First few days37.72510.743010.645810.5
 First few weeks820.53515.03608.84039.3
 Only recently1128.2146.01563.81814.2
 Not quite yet25.152.1240.6310.7
Number of positive adjectives used by mother about baby**
 7 or more614.35823.9131931.6138331
Number of negative adjectives used by mother about baby**
 2 or more1433.36024.7112026.8119426.8
Baby felt to be more or less difficult than average*
 More difficult512.5135.51513.71693.9
  • *p<0.05 **p<0.01.