Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of term, preterm and very preterm population

Gestation at birth
<32 weeks32–36 weeks37 or more weeksTotal
NumberPer centNumberPer centNumberPer centNumberPer cent
Median (IQR) maternal age33.5 (28, 37.5)31 (28, 35)31 (27, 35)31 (27, 35)
Index of multiple deprivation
 1 (least deprived)921.44518.582219.787619.6
 5 (most deprived)716.75321.880119.286119.3
Black or minority ethnic group512.54619.563815.768915.9
Born in the UK3788.118375.3318476.3340476.3
Left full-time education aged <17 years*923.15422.566616.272916.6
Single mother716.73313.651912.455912.5
Birthweight <2500 g**3895.013357.11583.93297.5
Multiple birth**49.53414.0360.9741.6
Admitted to neonatal unit**39100.014362.43529.453413.3
Median (IQR) duration in neonatal unit (days)49 (28, 74)11 (3, 20)2.1 (0.3, 6)4 (1, 12)
Still in neonatal unit at time of the survey**410.321.461.7122.2
Mothers of NNU babies stayed in hospital after discharge**2463.28259.413643.224249.3
Mode of delivery**
 Normal vaginal2266.79947.8245661.5257760.9
 Planned caesarean515.23918.842110.546511.0
 Unplanned caesarean618.23215.550412.654212.8
Soon after birth mother able to…
 Hold baby**716.717171.5374590.9392389.1
  • *p<0.05 **p<0.01.

  • IQR, inter-quartile range; NNU, neonatal unit.